What We Request From You 
As a Buyer

• Keep the dog insured for as long as the dog is with you.
• Follow the suggested guidelines for yearly vaccinations, health checks and deworming.
• Attend puppy training (valpekurs) or dog show training within the first 6 months.
• Always reach out to me first when you're experiencing issues or need assistance with the training or other things. (Instead of for instance asking in forums online etc-because I know the breed, the parents and the particular puppy and that makes me more qualified to give a good answer. )
• We want you to be a good calm leader for your puppy.
• Always treat it with respect, patience, love and humour.
• I'd love it if you can send pictures, videos and updates on the dogs life - privately or in the family group. Getting feedback is important for my future work as a breeder.
• If you want to start your own breeding program I will recommend that you follow the instructions from the Norwegian Basenji Club (NBK). I will be available for any help you might need.
I have lists for reservations for puppies a few years forward. Sometimes people are on the list for a while because they have specific requirements for the dog. They want a particular colour and sex combination-
for instance a brindle female - which can be few and far between. If there is only one brindle female in a litter, she will go to the family that's waited longer.
If that's not the case then I will analyse the behaviour of the puppies, interview with the potential buyers and find what puppy fits best with their families. This makes it a much better fit, therefore a lot of issues can be avoided.
Expect random questions from me until it's decided what puppy is best suited for you when it's 6-7 weeks of age.
We don't follow a "first come first served" policy but pairing up the right puppy with the right family.
You are of course welcome to have wishes for a particular colour and/or sex, and I will definitely keep that as top priority as I make my decisions.
If you want to attend dog shows I see that a huge bonus for me and the puppy. I'm always available for help with training.
I promise to do my best in "making" the perfect little furry friend for you and your family.
Inquiry is welcome, I look forward to hearing from you 🙋🏼‍♀️🐕

All the best - Dorrit Karlsen