Kardohill's Endesha Starlight

Date of Birth: 06.01.2014

Color: Red/White

Dam: Demani

Sire: Nganga's James Dean


Eye Check: Clear 

Fanconi Dna Test: Carrier


Dogshow: 2 x Exc - But have other results to

Litter: 18.11.2017

Breeder: Dorrit Karlsen / Kardohill’s Basenji 
Owner: Kamilla Bore, Hellvik

Information about Starlight 

When Diesel and Demani was planned to be mated, I decided I wanted to keep a female puppy from that litter. However, as we were waiting impatiently for the due date, my cousin and her daughter came to visit. The daughter was in her early twenties and she had fallen in love with Basenjis and asked if she could get one of the female puppies when they were born and old enough.
When the puppies were born it quickly became apparent that there were only one female puppy. I had to decide between keeping her myself and disappoint the young lady, or let her buy the puppy and then miss the opportunity to further that line
Seeing how impatient, eager and dedicated the young lady was made it easier for me to let her get the puppy. It's relevant to this story that the young lady had several diagnosis and health issues and was on disability. However she was living on her own and needed a friend and companion. When she picked up Starlight I asked her if she would be open to let me have a litter of puppies on Starlight in a few years, if she developed well and her health tests came out good. The young lady was totally fine with that. After Starlight moved in, the young lady's life changed. She was a lot more brave, pushing her own boundaries in many ways. She would attend dog shows, take obedience classes, she got her drivers license, bought her own apartment and moved into an apartment near here. They are amazing together, and every time I talk with the young lady she tells me how amazing Starlight is and how lucky she feels to have her in her life.
Starlight didn't like the dog shows much so she stopped attending at a young age.
She is the mother of our Star Wars litter.