Nganga's James Dean

Date of Birth: 30.11.2011

Color: Brindle 

Dam: Matabichi Fila Nganga-true

Sire: SE UCH NVV-11 Faraoland Esenjo Rafhael


Eye Check: Affected- Iris & Cortical

Fanconi Dna Test: Carrier



Litter: Father to 2 litter

Breeder: Nganga's
Owner: John B. Karlsen / Kardohill's Basenji


Information about Diesel 

Up until now the Basenjis had been my hobby alone. But after seeing a stunning brindle female at a Norwegian Basenji Specialty he wanted his own dog. So the search began.
We were lucky to get on the shortlist for a brindle male at kennel Nganga's in Sweden, owned by Yvonne Adolfsson. When the litter arrived there were 7 beautiful brindle puppies- 5 of them were male. When the puppies were 7 weeks old my husband and I drove to Yvonne to pick a puppy. All 5 males was so cute and beautiful, and we all had our own favourites. Yvonne suggested one, I liked another and John was attracted to a third one 🫣
We left the decision to him, since it was his first dog after all. He chose the darkest and most brindled male.
Diesel has been a fantastic ambassador for the breed for nearly 12 years at the point if me writing this. He is very calm, quiet and friendly with people and some dogs. He select friends and he is very clear about what dogs he doesn't like.
He doesn't make much noise, but whenever the song "Someone like you" with Adele us playing he can't be stopped. He starts whining and then he throws his head back and howls and yodels at the top of his lungs! He is so funny!
He has been to many dog shows but he didn't enjoy it much so we stopped bringing him.
He has sired two litters - the E- litter and the Africa - litter.
Since Diesel is living with us here at Kardohill's he has been helping me with all the litters born the past 11 years. He is amazing at playing and imprinting the puppies. He's teaching them respect, patience and how to play.
Now that he's soon turning 12 years old he's still enjoying the walks, being energetic and strong. He is more cuddly now, enjoying sleeping on my lap and getting belly rubs.
I hope we get to have him around for many many more years.