Kiboli's Amilla Sprallig Diva

Date of Birth: 05.07.2021

Color: Red/White

Dam: Shahrans Sky Rocket

Sire: Nganga's John Travolta


Eye Check: Affected- Iris

Fanconi Dna Test: Clear 


Dogshow: 8 x Exc • 6 x Ck • 2 x Cert • 2 x R.cert • 1 x Cacib

Litter: 28.11.2018 & 20.12.2020

Breeder: Kiboli's 
Owner: Eivind og Anne Marie Idland, Ålgård


Information about Daisy 

The whole thing began with a message from my good friend and breeding colleague Yvonne at Ngangas Kennel in Sweden. She told me that a 4 month old female was available and if I wanted to co own together. This young pup was originally going to UK, but there were some complications that led to them having to cancel. My husband, me and a friend of us drove to Sweden to pick her up. She was the cutest thing ever!They called her Amilla. When we got to know the young girl I had to change her name. I have rarely met anyone so cute, sweet and kind. She was like a little flower- and her name had to be Daisy. First thing Daisy did was help a friend. My good friend had two male Basenjis, and I had borrowed one for 2 breedings. When the other one died the last one was grieving so badly. They were waiting for a puppy from me, but it would be 4 months before they could get it. So I suggested that they borrow Daisy and bring her back when they come to pick up their puppy. It worked out great! Daisy really helped the old B get over his grief and the wait for a new puppy flew by for the owners. Sweet little Daisy lived with us here at Kardohill's for a few years. A couple of months after Bettan moved in with us, they had a fight that ended in stitches. We decided to find a great co owner home for Daisy . Bettan had already moved twice in 6 months and I couldn't let her move again. If anyone could handle a new environment it was Daisy. She was living with a wonderful family in Kristiansand for 1,5 years until she was having her second litter at my house. When it was time for her to move back the co owner asked if we could find another place for her because they had realised how stressful it was for them to have a dog at that time.. Well fortunately a good new home appeared and she is now enjoying her retirement together with a cute little Chihuahua named King. She is the mother of our Crystal/Gem litter and our America litter.