Nganga's Blenheim

Date of Birth: 13.11.20q7

Color: Tricolor

Dam: CIB NORD DK UCH RO VDH CH Woodella All Eyes On Us

Sire: Nganga's Crstal


Eye Check: Clear 

Fanconi Dna Test: Clear

PPRC: Clear 


Dogshow: 3 x Exc • 2 x Ck • 2 x Cert

Litter:  14.12.2020, 05.07.2021 & 21.06.2023

Breeder: Dorrit Karlsen / Kardohill's Basenji
Owner: Dorrit Karlsen 

Information about Bettan 

Bettan came into our lives under sad circumstances.
My dear friend Yvonne at Ngangas kennel in Sweden got ALS and had to find new homes for her dogs. She asked me to pick one, and I told her I would pick Bettan because of her pedigree. I just adored several of her relatives after meeting them many times at Yvonnes place and at dog shows.
She was 1,5 years old when we went to Sweden to pick her up. It was me, my cousin Kirsten and her daughter Kamilla- Kirsten were going to be Bettans co owner. However, Kirstens male Basenji Kombo was not overly impressed with the new girl.. he found her annoying and stressful. This put a strain on the life of all 3, and after 6 months Kirsten asked for help. Bettan moved in with us here at Kardohill's where she still lives. She is a sweet little lady, extremely friendly with all people and especially kids and babies. She has a strong prey drive, and we call her paranoid because she's always looking behind us when we go for walks. No one can annoy Diesel like she kan🫣😆 She will get up in his face and start hitting him in the face with her paws. He growls angrily and opens his mouth and she puts her head into his mouth 😣😆
Every. Day.
Bettan has not been shown much at dog shows because of Covid restrictions right after she moved to us.
She has given us 3 beautiful litters; The Africa litter, the Lord of the Rings litter and the Dazzling litter - two of them were summer litters. She's now retired enjoying life with Diesel