Gone Byt Not Forgotten

Shaka Savoy Eyla

Date of Birth: 16.12.2005

Color: Tricolor

Dam: Shaka Savoy Dvalah

Sire: Shaka Savoy Cannizzo Star


Eye Check: Affected- Iris 

Fanconi Dna Test: Carrier 


Dogshow: 13 x 1'a • 4 x Hp • 5 x Ck • 2 x Cert • 1 x Cacib •
1 x Bir

Litter: 12.11.2008 & 07.12.2010

Breeder: Shaka Savoy / Norway
Was Owned By: Dorrit Karlsen/ Kardohill's Basenji 

Information about Eyla

In 2005 we found ourselves at a crossroads in our dog lives. We had lost 3 Rottweilers to different issues within just a few months, and now we wanted to find a new breed. We spent months searching through all breeds, but had specific criteria- we didn't want to spend time on grooming, we wanted a breed that wasn't known for barking a lot and I wanted a size which I could easily carry if necessary. We looked into a few different options but something was off and I couldn't decide…
I knew about the Basenji breed from all my years of attending exhibitions with the Corgis as they used to be in the same group here in Norway back then. I had always been told that it was a "difficult and challenging" breed, but it fit our criteria perfectly. We found a breeder about an hour away and reached out to them. They only had two females, both tricoloured . We went to visit and decided to book one of them. One month later in 2006 little Eyla came into our lives and flipped everything around .
The cute tiny thing was so different from all the other breeds I had owned and worked with.
I attended puppy classes and obedience classes with her, but she didn't respond to any of the treats or toys I tried to reward her with. But- when we finally did find a salami sausage she really liked it was a total turnaround. She was super smart, learned so fast and was absolutely amazing! We traveled across Norway to dogshows, and she loved the attention.
Eyla was my right hand lady. She was always by my side. If I said something, she'd seem to understand it and show me by initiating a move. She knew all our 5 kids by name, so if I for instance told her to go to May, she'd run straight to her.
Eyla's favourite thing in the whole world was puppies! She had two litters of her own, and served as a replacement for the mothers of the other litters. This meant they could have longer walks and sleep on the sofa and get a break from the puppies. I let Eyla meet the puppies at 4 weeks old, and she would just "scoop" them up and bring them close to her. She would develop milk and let them suckle . The last litter she did this with was when she was 11 years old. Eyla helped me so much with socialising and imprinting the new puppies. She truly was a valuable resource for me.
When she was 12 years old she had to leave this world because of an enlarged heart and liquid in her lungs. She is still missed every single day. Because of her I developed a deep fascination and love for the Basenji breed.