Gone Byt Not Forgotten


Date of Birth: 12.11.2008

Color: Red/White 

Dam: Shaka Savoy Eyla

Sire: N UCH Azania's Wild Mountain Calling


Eye Check: Clear -12 & Affected Iris -15

Fanconi Dna Test: Clear


Dogshow: 7 x 1'a • 2 x Exc • 4 x Ck • 2 x Cert • 2 x Bir

Litter: 14.11.2012, 06.01.2014 & 19.01.2016

Breeder: Dorrit Karlsen / Kardohill's Basenji
Was Owned By: Dorrit Karlsen 

Information about Demani

When Eyla was 3 years old I decided to mate her with Willy, the handsome male that lived in the city near us.
Demani quickly grabbed my attention with her adorable little face and perfectly square shaped white marking on her neck.
We decided to keep her. Demani was so sweet and cute. Not the smartest thing, but she tried. 😅 My husband jokingly called her Blondie
( the stereotypical silly blonde girl you know)
Demani was so patient and awesome with humans of all ages.
At 5 months old she and I attended a blood tracking course. In hindsight I have regretted that as I am not a hunter, and the need to have a dog sniffing around for wild game was not needed. Every time we walked in the woods and let the dogs off leash Demani would be nose down and off searching for a deer 🦌 somewhere..
When she turned 2 she didn't care much for female visitors to our house, which stressed her out greatly. Demani had 3 litters with her mother Eyla's help and after that Demani got to retire at my cousin's house where she lived the rest of her life. There she had her own little Chihuahua named King and she didn't have the stress of having other females visiting like here.
Demani died at nearly 13 years old from different age related issues.